About me

About me

About me now what can I say.

I have always liked animals, from a young age we had fish, then we have a wonderful Yellow Lab called Pepper who lived to the grand age of 13yrs.

I waited a long time to get my very first dog due to my husband being in the British Forces and living aboard. 

While I lived aboard I had a 2 cats Harriet & Jack as well as looking after them I also help to care for friends pets while they returned to the Uk to visit family, this continued when we returned to the Uk.

Our little family of pets grew, while our cats Harriet and Jack were in Quarantine yes this happened before Pet Passports came out, then hubby came home one morning with a kitten, since then we have had numerous rabbits, rats, gerbils, hamsters, more fish.

We now have 2 dogs Otto & Pixie. Otto is 14yr old Weimaraner and Pixie is 13yrs old Yorkshire Terrier.

Otto is why I went into dog Behaviour Training, around the age of 9months he started to struggle to be around dogs he didn't know so went to a few trainers but never go the results wanted then in 2013 I came across AbsoluteDOGS on Facebook and really liked their method so gave it a go, the changes I saw surprised me so in 2014 I signed up to their digital course Spring Into Transformation, then in 2017 they released their ProDog Trainer course which I signed up to in 2018, this was just the beginning of my learning journey to be a trainer.

I have since become a Approved Professional with Dog Training College and Kids Around Dogs.

Which means I can continue to Develop my professional knowledge to help more owners and children