Approved Kids Around Dogs

We are now a Approved Kids Around Dogs Trainer.

I am now able to help children from the age of 4yrs who are scared of dogs

About Us

About me

About me now what can I say.

I have always liked animals, from a young age we had fish, then we have a wonderful Yellow Lab called Pepper who lived to the grand age of 13yrs.

I waited a long time to get my very first dog due to my husband being in the British Forces and living aboard. 

While I lived aboard I had a 2 cats Harriet & Jack as well as looking after them I also help to care for friends pets while they returned to the Uk to visit family, this continued when we returned to the Uk.

Our little family of pets grew, while our cats Harriet and Jack were in Quarantine yes this happened before Pet Passports came out, then hubby came home one morning with a kitten, since then we have had numerous rabbits, rats, gerbils, hamsters, more fish.

We now have 2 dogs Otto & Pixie our 11yr old Weimaraner and Yorkshire Terrier, Tilly our 14yr old cat and Blue & Ruby our Continental Giant and cross breed rabbits.

Canine Concept Training

We are a Games based training which is all about about having fun while training. We never punish dogs when displaying unwanted behaviour, instead reward our dogs for making the right choises.
At Canine Concept Training we help turn dog owners struggles and turning them into strengths by playing concept games which help to build confidence and optimism.
Book a Free 15 min Disovery call and find out how I can help you with one of my programmes.
At the moment I am not running any class but once we are out of Lockdown I will be opening up my classes


Animal Care Diploma - Graded with Distinction

Animal Psychology Diploma - Graded with Distinction

Pet First Aid Course

Dog Grooming & Dog Training - Certification of Completion

Canine Behaviour Training Diploma

Pro Dog Trainer - Certificate of Achivement
Pro Dog Trainer GEEK - Certificate of Achivement
Scentwork Uk Instructor
Dog Training College Canine Body Language Instructor

Courses & Membership

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All products
Kids Around Dogs Protocol


Beginners in Concept Training
6 Week Course
No More Recall Drama's
4 weeks Workshop


Bronze Membership Class
per Month
Silver Membership
Per Month
Gold Membership Class
Per Month

Kids Around Dogs Protocol

Per Course

Our Services

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All services
Dog Behaviour Training
Dog Walking
Small Animal & Cat Visits

Dog Behaviour Training

Free Discovery Call

Free 15 min Discovery call

Where we can chat about your dog and how I can help you.

Training By The Hour - 2 Hour
2 Hours
Training By The Hour - 4 Hours
4 Hours of Training
Training By The Hour - 6 Hours
6 Hours
Training By The Hour - 8 Hours
8 Hours
Training By The Hour - 10 Hours
10 Hours

Dog Walking

Dog Walking - 30 Mins
Be it professional commitments, busy school schedules or mini breaks, it can be hard to find time to give our …
Dog Walking - 45Mins
Dog Walk - 1hr

Small Animal & Cat Visits

Cat Visit

Some cats cope better staying in their home environment when their owners go away.

This is why I offer this service. 

Per Visit
Small Animal

We will pop in to feed, clean their housing and have cuddles, while you go away.

Per Visit


Shirley looked after our cat Fifi while we was away,came home to a happy cat and little diary with update of how she was on every visit.
Kelly Marie


By appointment only
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Becky Gwynne

01 July 2021

01 July


I took my 5 month old Alaskan Malamute to Shirley for some training and it was the best thing I’ve done! He’s learnt loads and I’ve noticed a significant differ...
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