About Me

About me

 I have always loved animals and was lucky to grow up with the most amazing Labardor called Pepper. It was through being part of Peppers Training that I wanted to work with dogs, but just never happend, due to getting married and moving to Germany so had to wait. So while I lived in Germany help to look after friends pets while they were away, I continued to care for friends pets when I returned to the UK.

In 2010 we got Otto, our Weimaraner, as soon as we got him I knew I would be doing lots of training with him. Being a Weimaraner I knew he would need lots of stimulation so we did Agility, Heelwork to Music, Trick Training & a bit of Scentwork too.

I then realised I wanted to do more when Otto had some very negetive experiences by the time he was a year old this was when I looked at how best to help him, after seeing a few Dog Trainers whos ways and beliefs didn't suit us, that I started to do some reseach and found AbsolueDogs in Devon so joined their Spring Into Transformation Program follwed by joining their Training Academy in 2014. In 2018 I became a ProDog Trainer through AbsoluteDogs. 

I have continued to learn and am now quilfied as a instructor for ScenWork UK and a instructor in Canine Body Language with Dog Training College.

At the moment I am studying for my Level 4 Adavnce Canine Behaviour Dipolma.

Canine Concept Training

We are a Games based training which is all about about having fun while training.

We never punish dogs when displaying unwanted behaviour, instead reward our dogs for making the right choises.

At Canine Concept Training we help turn dog owners struggles and turning them into strengths by playing concept games which help to build confidence and optimism.

Book a Free 15 min Disovery call and find out how I can help you with one of my programmes.

At the moment I am not running any class but once we are out of Lockdown I will be opening up my classes


Animal Care Diploma - Graded with Distinction

Animal Psychology Diploma - Graded with Distinction

Pet First Aid Course

Dog Grooming & Dog Training - Certification of Completion

Canine Behaviour Training Diploma

Pro Dog Trainer - Certificate of Achivement

Pro Dog Trainer GEEK - Certificate of Achivement

Scentwork Uk Instructor

Dog Training College Canine Body Language Instructor


Shirley looked after our cat Fifi while we was away,came home to a happy cat and little diary with update of how she was on every visit.
Kelly Marie
Shirley recently looked after our cat for us. Having previously used boarding for other cats, we felt it would be much less stressful to have our new cat looked after in our own home. Shirley came …
Alice Kingdom
Shirley is fantastic, nothing is ever too much trouble for her. This week with the arrival of our baby she was able to walk our dogs at really short notice, they also love it when they see her. …
William Grist


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01 July 2021

01 July


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Fran Crush

21 June 2021

21 June


We have had the pleasure of using Shirley’s service for the past 5 years and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the level of professionalism, reliability and lo...
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